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World War 1, which is also very much known by the name of ww1, is considered the most devastating war ever happened in the civilized world. In the year 1914, June 28, World War 1 started because of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria’s death. Many European countries decided to give rise to the war against the same rebellion powers responsible for the death of the Duke of Austria.

Many countries take part in World War 1, which includes some particular names like Austria, Germany e Bulgaria Japan Great Britain, Russia, Italy, etc. These countries tried their level best to dominate the world war, which is considered the cruelest act ever happened on this particular earth, which witnessed almost 13 million people’s death. Many military persons and civil persons lost their lives during the same world war.

Furthermore, I would like to give you some specific points that will help you understand the same devastating war in a more profound way, which is very useful for learning all the specific things about the great historical event like World War 1.

Use of Heavy weapons

  1. World War 1 witnessed heavy weapons where so many countries like Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and other partner come countries use some devastating weapons like RDX fighter planes.
  2. All the weapons used in the same World War took so many lives, and people started to think that there is the only way to live is to have a useful weapon in your pocket. Many military persons perform so many wrongful things to the civilized people of the countries not favoring World War 1.

Spanish flu

  1. Another cause of the massive deaths in the world war was the Spanish flu. Unfortunately, many military persons and civilized persons lost their lives because of Spanish flu, which comes during world wartime.
  2. It Doubles the power of devastation, which is almost performed by every military e group of the country in the various roads of the European continents where people are suffering so much for their regular bread and butter also.
  3. Due to the non-availability of the Spanish flu’s proper vaccination, many persons suffered a lot because of the same disease, which is why it is also considered the great weapon of World War 1, which is responsible for millions of death.


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In the end, I could say that all the above lines about the specific historical event like a world were good enough to provide you some special knowledge which is very much useful.