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Right after the Independence in the year 1947, both of the country e like India and Pakistan, started to fight for the particular land in Jammu Kashmir. They are continuously making a significant effort to acquire the great land in the parts of the Jammu Kashmir territory. Due to the same problem of land acquisition, countries made so many wars against each other in which most of the time, Pakistan faces defeat and unable to fulfill their willings.

Today I will discuss the great War happened between India and Pakistan, which is very much known by the name of the Kargil war, which was happened in the year 1999. When this particular War happened, many military persons lost their life which is not suitable for the sake of human Civilization, where everyone has the right to live life happily without having any fight with the neighbors.

But unfortunately e the same War happened, and many persons lost their life due to the same destruction between the two countries like India and Pakistan. Furthermore, I would like to explain some unique points about the same Kargil war, which will help you get detailed information about the same War.

Agra meet failure

    • Both India and Pakistan’s prime ministers decided to meet in Agra for the peaceful procedures between the same two countries fighting with each other because of the same reasons for land acquisitions.
    • It was Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was the Prime Minister of India during the days of the Kargil War. And from Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf comes to the Indian territory on a special tour to give rise to the Peaceful events between the two Nations. Unfortunately, due to Agra’s failure, both of the Prime Minister comes to know the result for the problem of Jammu Kashmir.
    • Right after the failure of the Agra meet, Pervez Musharraf decided to attack the line of control. Kargil is a special place in the particular parts of Jammu Kashmir where this particular War happened.

Modern weapons

    • Both of the countries possessed atomic powers, but fortunately, they both didn’t use the atomic weapons during Kargil’s War. But they use some extra modern weapons, which is very much devastating and took plenty of life during the same War.
    • Both India and Pakistan use fighter planes, cannons, and other Navy power to dominate the Kargil war. Still, India managed to when the same Battle against Pakistan and captured the land of Kargil again.


    • Wrong politics is also very much responsible for the Battle of Kargil between both of the Nations like India and Pakistan. It is very much necessary for politicians of the same Nations to do some frightful things to save Civilization over the lands of the same countries from which no one will kill. However, there is still a significant conflict going on between the two same nations, which is not at all right, and that is why many countries come forward to give rise to peace between the two same Nations.