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Books are very important. Books are like treasure hunts. They play a very important or crucial role in one’s life. During ancient times, especially in the stone age period, people used to engrave on stones, trees, caves, trees, rocks, etc. The mode of communication was drawing figures. Later, in the illusionary stage, humans learned to write and develop a language called Devanagari, Pali, etc. Then humans started recording their knowledge for the future generation.

Later with the invention of paper, keeping this record became very easy and comfortable. This in return gave rise to the concept of books. Great Philosophers, poets, priests, Tirthankaras, compiled their teachings, beliefs, thoughts, in manuscripts and because of this today’s world know about scientific innovations, mythological stories, historical stories, different geographical inventions like planets, satellites, etc.

Find A better communication

Papyrus plant was used to make paper but they were very fragile and hence, difficult to maintain. Later, wood covers were used to preserve the manuscripts. As time passed, man progressed. Chinese, Korean, Egyptian, Roman, started taking efforts to use patterns and characters. This helped in communication.

Later, the printing press came into existence. Books were handmade, binding was also done. Books became the mood of transporting ideas from one person to another, from one generation to another. History is known to us due to books. Books help human beings to trace the dots of the past. If there more no books, then forefathers won’t have the inspirational stories to tell the next generation.

Different types

Books are of various types such as Comics, Travelogues, Anthologies, Autobiographies, Biographies, etc. Books are said to be the man’s best friends. In today’s world, books have also become digital. Books are said to be the treasure house where all kinds of literature and imbibed together such as poems, short moral stories, fiction-based stories, murder mysteries. Some people like to read marvel comics. Reading is a very good habit. One should practice in their life and see the transformation within.

In today’s digital world, one will find very few people who have their library in their house. Books are said to be the stepping stones towards literacy. Young children love to read comic books during their free time. Comic books are highly enjoyable. Youngsters nowadays also love to read the recipe and culinary books and invent new dishes. They are available in all the languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, etc.

People love to entertain themselves by reading digital books in their pastimes. They are truly man’s best friends. They help in improving one’s vocabulary, writing skills, speaking skills, etc. They also have a long shelf life. Picture-oriented books attract a huge audience. During this pandemic, people have discovered their new hobbies and found their happy place in books. They take one into the world of imagination. Fiction is hard to transform into reality but it is even more difficult to transform fictionist dreams into reality. The two categories which are fiction and non-fiction are thoroughly loved by the bookworms.