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India has witnessed so many great dynasties that rule the Indian territory with much perfection and power. Maurya dynasty, Rajput dynasty, Sikh dynasty, and so on were considered the best rulers of the Indian territory, but how the Mughal Empire rule the particular parts of the Indian territory is very much considered the most remarkable rulers ever existed on the land of the Indian country.

The Rise of the Mughal Empire started with the Babar, who noticed his first win in the parts of the Indian territory against the Rana Sanga, the present-day ruler in the ancient days. After claiming the win against the Rana Sanga and Babar become the ruthless ruler who did so many illegal activities to provide great harm to the Indian civilized peoples.

After the death of Rana Sanga, it was Babar who started to rule the particular parts of the Indian territory and try to enhance their power and the areas by constant Wars against the available rulers of the Southern Indian territories.


The second ruler of the Mughal dynasty was Humayun, who was the son of Babur. After the death of Babur, it was Humayun who becomes the ruler of the Indian continent. He started to do some special activities, which makes him an extraordinary ruler who did so very well for art and sculptures.

Akbar the great

The third famous Mughal ruler is considered Akbar the Great. They also perform extraordinary things in the particular regions of the Indian territory, which makes him a very lovable king of the same area, which is almost liked by every religious person.

It was Akbar who gives great freedom to all the different religious people who worship different gods. In the particular times of the Akbar, people also enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom regarding their work without any much taxes, which is enforced by the human in the previous Times where most of the Hindu persons need to give extra taxes just because they do not belong to the Muslim community.


Jahangir made so many great monuments and did so much well for the sake of art in the same Indian territories after the death of Akbar. Jahangir is the fourth ruler of the Mughal dynasty and performs many things to make the Mughal dynasty stronger. However, his unfair policies against the Hindu people make him a ruthless ruler who doesn’t think about the Hindu people’s likings.

Shah Jahan

After the Jahangir’s downfall, Shahjahan became the Mughal dynasty’s paramount ruler and did some grateful things, which makes him a great person who did very well for his beloved Mumtaj. He was responsible for making the Taj Mahal in the areas of the Indian territories, and now the same great monument like the Taj Mahal becomes are 7th wonder of the world.

Aurangzeb is the last ruler who enjoys the great powers of the Mughal dynasty very much. Still, after that, the Mughal dynasty’s constant downfall was caused by the same wrong policies, which is very much hated by the people of the Indian territories.