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Marvel comics are quite famous among the readers because of their remarkable characters. Time to time they keep on creating wonderful characters. Many fictional characters are launched by the comics and designers were more than one including Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and many more.

On the initial basis there were few successful characters those who made this comic very successful including spider man, Captain America, Iron Man, Dead pool and many more. The counting is still going on. The first hero of the story was Human Torch. The best part is that every character received a huge attention and appreciation from audience and the popularity of the Marvel Comics kept on increasing.

Mixture of characters

The interesting fact is that not every super hero is equally powerful in the Marvel Comics. You can find the fact that some characters are not that much powerful. For example, back widow character. On the other hand, some characters are shown with powerful background and super natural elements in them. For example, Thor in the series has many super natural powers and he is given heavenly powers like God. The other powerful character that you can visit in the Marvel series is the Captain America.

The entire story is created in a very interesting manner and he has said to be given many super natural and other powers which common people cannot even image in their real life. Along with this, you can also find that some super heroes may have wonderful stories but they are shown in a different manner. No doubt, their stories are quite interesting and fascinating but still you will feel that they are poor.

Internal fight among the super heroes

The other interesting fact about the characters of the Marvel series is that you can see some of them are having internal fight. You will be amazed to see their performance. The magical effects are created in a very beautiful manner that everyone wants to read them repeatedly.

You will find that after going through a particular story some people don’t prefer to read them. But here the situation is completely different. Even after reading the story for the one time, you will love to read that story again without any boring. Every part of the Marvel series is a masterpiece and people of every age group can get engaged by it.

Creating avengers

Creation of the avengers is the most interesting part of the Marvel Comics. It got huge success. Many super heroes are put together in this particular series and this got great attention from every one. Before this particular series, it is hardly possible that other people have seen so many super heroes at a single place. But in this place you can find that many were struggle to save the earth together. One usual question that people ask that why the wolverine was not a part of it. It is fact that at that time they were not having the rights to show it on the big screen. So in movies that was not shown in the leading avengers.