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With the times of despair like that of the second wave of the pandemic, it becomes almost difficult to concentrate on letting your ideas flow freely, either verbally or non-verbally, on a piece of paper. There can be some moments when you lack ideas and motivation to work on anything, like working on writing articles on general topics related to travelling, books, hobbies, etc. This constant state of lack of ideas and motivation to work on something new or perform an innovative task is known as suffering from a creative block. The majority of the people involved in creative fields like dancers, artists, musicians, public speakers, writers, etc., can suffer from a creative block. You will come to know about a few of its types further below.

Types Of Creative Blocks

A few of the types of creative blocks are

  • The Mental Block – It refers to been trapped by your thinking. The limiting beliefs that seem familiar to you can narrow down your ability to think from different perspectives. For example, assume for a moment that your mind is like a cycle gear. If you don’t allow your minds to be opened to varied thinking patterns, this will lead to a mental block. To overcome this, you can open your minds to grasp something new by watching, reading, or learning something different. To have a bit of a distraction, you could play some fun and interactive sports betting games via สมัครแทงบอลออนไลน์.
  • Emotional Barriers– Creativity is like being ready to embrace the unknown. For sometimes, the subject matter can be difficult to be worked upon. For example, suppose if you have to deliver a speech that involves a painful past in it, which can arouse grief in you during its preparation. Further, you can face the fear that whether you will be able to keep hold of your emotions while delivering it in front of the public. The solution for overcoming it is to be ready to experience the worst and not let negative emotions limit you from pushing yourself.
  • Fear Of Failure– Do you ever limit yourself to new opportunities due to the fear of making mistakes or getting them wrong? What it does lead to later, the regret of not trying it. A few of the ways of overcoming it are
  1. Be a part of some support group
  2. Learn from your mistakes
  3. Question your fears
  4. Focus on what you can control
  • Status Quo– The pressure of meeting up to the majority’s expectations and engaging in a people-pleasing mentality can be a hurdle in the pursuit of unconventional paths in doing something. Sometimes it is ok to bend some rules and look out for eccentric ways to achieve your goals.
  • Communication Breakdown- The inability to convey our thoughts properly during networking leads to this kind of creative block. To work on this, we need to be adept at holding a conversation with every kind of person, and creativity plays a role in communication style.


It is usual to go through creative blocks once in a while, as the pursuit of any creative field is a journey or a process to be enjoyed than a destination to be reached.