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British Empire, which was the paramount ruler of the Indian continent before the independence of 1947, did so many wrong activities that are not liked by the people of the Indian continent. India is a particular place where Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian lived together with peace, but unfortunately with cruel acts made by the British government spoil the overall environment of the Indian territories, and that is why some famous persons like Bhagat Singh Sukhdev Rajguru tried their level best to eradicate British Empire as soon as possible with their constant efforts.

India witness so many freedom fighters who did great things for the independence of Indian territory from the British Empire. But the efforts made by the Bhagat Singh Sukhdev and Rajguru were exceptional, and that is why both of 3 considered as the great Martyrs of the Indian territory. They lost their lives to get independence from the cruel British Empire.

Acts for independence 

    • Bhagat Singh and his friends made so many reasonable efforts to provide a sound effect on the British Empire’s wrong policies, which is not favored by the Indian people. They’ve both did so many things that almost force the British empire to think twice before doing any wrongful act in the areas of the Indian territory.
    • It was Bhagat Singh who killed the sounders, who was the chief head in the police station and responsible for the death of the Lala Lajpat Rai. And to get the specific revenge for Lala Lajpat Rai’s death, Bhagat Singh used the particular gun to kill Saunders, and finally, he did the same thing to complete his revenge.¬†
    • After that, Bhagat Singh Rajguru and Sukhdev raised their voices in the Parliament and the blast of one bomb in the same Parliament. The main motive of blasting in the parliament area gives some extra boost to the revolt they are trying to make against the British Empire.
    • The most striking feature is that no one was killed in the same blast, and only a few persons got few scratches on their skins due to the same act Bhagat Singh and his friends arrested by the British government police and taken to jail.


    • Due to the blast in the Parliament by Bhagat Singh and his friends, both of the three were sentenced to capital punishment, which is death. In the year 1923, both of the three hanged till their death. However, the punishment was decided for 25 March but due to the massive popularity of both The Three Martyrs British government and decided to give capital punishment to the same persons before two days.
    • So both of three were hanged on the date of 23 March 1923, and the British government showed their cruel Behaviour for the Indian people and slowly forced the Indian people to leave the Indian territories.


By concluding my words, I would say that all the above things about the great martyrs Sukhdev Rajguru Bhagat Singh provide you some specific knowledge that you need to learn as a history lover.