men reading a book

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‘The more you learn, the more you earn.’ Successful people read, successful people listen, successful people never stop learning and successful people play simple and interactive betting games at 먹튀검증. Above 90% of the self-made millionaires read books. An average CEO reads over 50 books per year. The world’s most intelligent, successful, and rich people keep on reading books daily to increase their knowledge and wisdom.

If you are not growing and evolving yourself day by day, that means you are falling back. If one wants to grow in life, they must keep injecting new information and ideas into the minds.

Always look for a new spark, something to light the fire inside you

Fiction books are often misguided as mere stories because it tries to teach us all the harsh realities of life with the help easy words and not so hi-fi language. While reading fiction, you will eventually realize that fiction has too many layers in it and it is far beyond the lines that one is just reading. It has a lot between the lines content which one needs to absorb. And only after absorbing the whole meaning of fiction, one can enjoy reading fiction.

Fiction books portray the reality of the world and society, the pros and cons of society. Fictional content tries to clear the picture of a perfect society in our eyes and ways to achieve it, what kind of mentality the people in the world should be having for living and making the earth a better place; fiction teaches it all.

Importance of reading

When the world’s 2 richest men Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked if they are given a superpower then what it would be, listening to this both of them gave the same answer that they would love to get the ability​ to read books faster. That’s how much books are important.

Reading is not only about earning money. Reading books also helps to increase our levels of concentration, focus, and intelligence. According to various studies reading also helps in the reduction of stress levels which in turn increases the level of peace, happiness, mental and emotional stability in our life.

Like this, there are numerous benefits of reading books and that’s why the top 1% people of the world keep on reading books and learn from them. Many people often question that, why read when in place of that video summaries are available?

Although it is nothing wrong and there is no harm in doing it in today’s all-time busy world. But the thing is, after watching the videos if one genuinely likes any book or is interested in it, reading it for once can be a great choice.

Reading is exercising of the mind. Like one can’t train the body just by watching videos similarly; training of the mind can’t be done just by watching the book summary. Like physical exercises are necessary to keep our body fit, in the same way, one needs to read books to keep the mind healthy as reading is the best mental exercise.